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Plan your stay on Manihiki enjoying the activities provided or just take time out and spend the day with the locals.

Experience, first hand how the pearls are made! Swim over long lines that hold thousands of Pearl shells, snorkel around the "kaoa" (coral head) and view platforms holding "Baby spats". Hear from your guide the process of seeding oyster shells. $40 per person under 12 yrs $20 (includes lunch)

Adventure out into the open ocean for trolling, or try spear fishing in Manihikis pristine lagoon waters. Challenge yourself to night fishing for flying fish, or test your skill at crayfish or crab hunting. $50 per person

Enjoy sightseeing by boat. Visit local fish traps, and Manihiki's Pond of "Milk Fish". Discover the uninhabited small islands that fringe the outer reef. Visit a tiny islet in the middle of the lagoon, and snorkel or swim amidst the clams and oysters while your guide catches lunch. $55 per person

View Manihki's unspoiled coral reef underwater. Be amazed at the abundant sea life of Manihiki's lagoon. Lagoon Dive $60 per person Ocean Dive $70 per person

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