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 - are provided as part of the rates, as well as airport transfers (by boat), kayaks, snorkeling gear and tea/coffee facilities. Whatever you decide to do while on Manihiki, you need to remember that this is not a five star resort island. There are no department stores, restaurants or fast food takeaways available.
In fact this is as far away from the world as you can get.

 - all your favourite snacks as local shops have fairly limited stock.
If you rely on special medication, please ensure you bring enough to last for the length of your stay on Manihiki plus one extra week in case you decide to stay longer in paradise. Credit card facilities are not available on Manihiki, so those wanting to purchase Black Pearls and Local Handcrafts please ensure you have enough cash on hand.

 - that you have good reef and walking shoes, snorkelling gear and plenty of sun protection lotion.
Those intending to visit Manihiki need to plan at least a week on the island.
Flights operate once a week (Thursdays), all flight bookings can be made through Air Rarotonga, the domestic carrier of the Cook Islands:
www.airraro.com & www.jetsave.co.ck

Lagoonview Villa: 1 person $110.00 per night includes meals
  Lagoonview Villa: 2 people $200.00 per night includes meals
  Guesthouse: $80.00 per night includes meals


Numbers of days before arrival Cancellation charge
no show 100%
15 2 nights
30 1 nights